Our Clients' Stories

Lisa's Story

568-800After driving by one of our heavily trafficked locations, “Lisa” impulsively came to our Mobile Medical Unit for a pregnancy test. She and her husband had been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for 10 years, and recently had agreed to stop fertility treatments due to the financial burden. Lisa was apprehensive about taking a pregnancy test for fear of another negative result.

We provided the client with a pregnancy test that did, in fact, come back negative. We were then able to be a safe, open space for the client to grieve and share some of her pent up frustrations about her infertility journey.

As Lisa was unfamiliar with the option of following up with a NaPro (Natural Procreative) doctor, we educated her on the NaPro perspective and provided her with referrals to a local NaPro-certified physician assistant. We also referred her to free counseling at our Center, when she shared that she had a lot of anxiety and depression from years of unsuccessful fertility treatments.

When we followed up with Lisa, we learned that she had reached out to the NaPro doctor and felt encouraged by the possibility of learning more about why she was struggling to conceive. She also had seen our counselor and reported that it was a very supportive experience. Lisa is a great reminder of the blessing of pregnancy and children. We are glad to have had the opportunity to provide support to her in her sorrow and to continue to pray for the future of her family!